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Internationella mansdagen den 19 november uppmärksammas inte av Yorks Universitet

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Jämställdismbloggare verkar ha tagit semester från att diskutera jämställdhet, det handlar om massinvandring utan integration istället. Är väl också ett viktigt ämne.

Men jag upplever ändå töväder i feminismfrågan. Dels har Cassie Jayes film om mansrättsrörelsen blivit finansierad med råge, dels ser man allt oftare mansfrågor diskuteras utanför mansrättsbloggar. Ett illustrativt exempel är hur det har gått när Yorks Universitet nästan uppmärksammade den internationella mansdagen. De gick ut och sa att de skulle göra det, men det blev en massiv kritik från feminister, och universitetet backade, och konstaterar att de minsann skall ha sitt fokus på kvinnofrågor och inte uppmärksamma någon mansdag.

Kan låta märkligt att ta det som illustration på töväder i genusfrågan, men det hela har fått omfattande uppmärksamhet även utanför mansrättsrörelsen. Och det blir så tydligt vilka det är som tycker att det är fel att diskutera mansfrågor, som mäns självmord, deras utsatthet för våld och underprestation i skolan.

Det blir så tydligt vilka det är som hindrar att frågorna ens diskuteras. Vilka det är som säger att de inte har någon makt, men ändå kan förhindra att andra röster får tillgång till plattformar.

Och här har alltså inte försöken att tysta varit framgångsrika, utan flera plattformar har istället uppmärksammat det hela, vilket är mycket positivt. Framsteg!

A row has broken out at York University after plans to mark International Men’s Day on Thursday were cancelled following an outcry from staff and students.

The university had signed up to the event, which aims to highlight issues affecting men and boys, including the high male suicide rate, men’s shorter life expectancy and “the struggles that boys can face in getting an education”.

It has since been cancelled at York after students, staff and alumni signed an open letter to the university objecting to the event. However, a number of students are campaigning to reinstate the day, and accuse the university of sending out a message that “men’s rights are not important”.

However, following the announcement, more than 200 people signed an open letter to Lee and the university’s registrar, David Duncan, complaining the statement was ”crass” and fails to deal with the issues with ”sufficient nuance or understanding”.

The letter adds: ”A day that celebrates men’s issues – especially those outlined in the university’s statement – does not combat inequality, but merely amplifies existing, structurally imposed, inequalities. The closing remark – ‘gender equality is for everyone’ – echoes misogynistic rhetoric that men’s issues have been drowned out by the focus on women’s rights.

A decision not to celebrate International Men’s Day at the university has been branded “disgusting” and “shameful”.

Senior bosses announced they had U-turned on the original promise to take part after receiving a letter signed by 200 students, academics and staff members.

But the decision, announced yesterday, has sparked a furious backlash on social media, with users accusing the university of going “against gender equality” and of being “ignorant to male issues”.


“If you look at the theme for this year’s international men’s day, the main themes [are]: the higher male suicide rate; male violence such as male rape and domestic violence and the disadvantages facing males in the education system. These are vital issues and as somebody who has suffered from one of those I have listed, I can tell you such a day to raise awareness is very important.”

The University of York has announced it will no longer be celebrating International Men’s Day (IMD) on Thursday after staff, students, and alumni protested comments made by a member of staff.

Originally speaking out on the need for the institution to celebrate the day, Dr Adrian Lee – of the university’s equality and diversity committee – provoked fury after reflecting on issues that, he believed, had ‘an adverse impact on equality for men’.

The University of York has issued an apology for having the audacity to observe International Men’s Day. The move comes after feminists complained that the event is not about them.

Finns också en kampanj för att de skall uppmärksamma mansdagen:

Uppdatering: missade Breitbart …

One needn’t buy into ‘manosphere’ identity politics or support the Men’s Rights Movement to recognise that men and boys are disproportionately affected by some social problems. The soaring male suicide rate in the west, which far outstrips that of women, is well-known, as is the growing problem of declining male mental health.

Other issues that overwhelmingly affect men, such as workplace fatalities and homelessness, are also well-documented. The widening gap in educational attainment between men and women is another area where men are falling behind. One would think that progressivism, a movement concerned with equality, would be eager to discuss the causes of, and solutions to, these inequities.

Not so.

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18 november, 2015 at 17:16